body of work

a catalog of selected works in reverse chronological order
including credits, photos and video documentation of each work

Olhar Migrante screendance
Imágenes de una Realidad screendance
Being Together screendance
WECreateSpaces: InBetweenness screendance
WECreateMemories screendance
THULE screendance
La Sabina screendance
Turbulence screendance
Espacios Latentes/Latent Spaces video installation
WECreateSpaces-London live dance + projecting images+ screendance
Jenchekua live dance + projecting images
shift screendance
Loose Perspectives live dance + projecting images
Parakata screendance
Doll’s Eyes live dance+multi-projections
TerraBlue screendance
Wild-er-ness live dance+multi-projections
what belongs to now… live dance + projecting images
Homemaker screendance
Las Cuatro Estaciones video collage
TransPecos video collage
THE WALL screendance
A Liminal Space  (WeCreateIce + S.O.U.P.) live dance+multi-projections
desterrados live dance
dunes screendance
home screendance
torn live dance
OJO live dance + video projection
horizons live dance + live chorale music
voices choreography
hitch-glitch-snag video dance
the situation room live dance, music + projecting image
ojos de capulin live dance, live music + projecting image
contemplations at seventy
 video dance
le sacre du printemps video dance
a long way from home choreography
dreaming home
video dance
la despedida choreography
my name is not maria performing arts + projecting image
le jardinier de la gafferie
video dance
disappear here live dance + 5 simultaneous projections on a round
the bridge video dance
blanco y rojo video dance
john cage orgel projekt
live dance + projecting image
fragility video dance
2008 and prior years
self portrait video dance
sobremesa video dance
mujeres de juarez live dance + projecting image
silent salvoes video dance
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