In WECreate Spaces the artists explore the local as a collective, zooming into the in-betweenness of urban landscapes and producing space in a re-imagined form. Through observant moments, when strolling through the cities and viscerally listening to the atmospheres of the places, the dancers, the camera and edit generate a collaborative knowledge that illustrates how the artists connect to their inner sources of understanding the world through the body. This imaginative attention captures the rhythm of places and navigates between the dichotomy of specificity vs the generic urban scene. Inventively transforming the usual into extraordinary, seeing with new eyes and inhabiting each location fully. The footage has presented an  opportunity to juxtapose spaces and develop our artistic practice further regarding collaborative arts production and site-specific explorations.

Filmed in Limerick, Ireland; London, United Kingdom; Morelia, Mexico, 2018-2019.

choreographer/dancer: Heike Salzer, Rocio Luna, Michelle NanceTextile Designer: Robert Burton; cinematography and editing: Ana Baer; original music: Joaquin Lopez Chas; Producer: WECreate Productions; Directors: Ana Baer and Heike Salzer

Premiered 10/17/2019 during Opening Door Theatre Concert at Evans Auditorium, TXST.

Selected video of the Month of January 2020, by Dance Magazine

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