Las Cuatro Estaciones

choreographed by sharron marroquin: danced by angie obermeyer, lisa del rosario, alyson dolan, emily boykin, erin kedzie, erika pena, wendy rucci, magdalena jarkoviec; light design scott vandenberg; video filmed, edited, directed and produced by ana baer.

excerpts video collage:

premiered at the mexican american cultural center, austin, TX  03/24-26/17

06-06/17 Recipient of the Austin Table Award for Best Dance Concert

06-06/17 Nominated for the Austin Table Digital Award

12/29/17 Selected Top ten thrills in Dance for 2017 by Jonelle Seitz

Additional Screenings:

12/1-3/2017 Presented as part of Ballet East Concert, at The Daugherty Arts Center, Austin, TX


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