Madre Luna

dancer: Rocio Luna; camera and editing: Ana Baer; dramaturgy: Claudia Fragoso; music: Joaquin Lopez Chas; light designer and camera operator at Sala Silvestre Revueltas: David Ramirez; lighting supervisor at Harrison Theatre: Nick Swanson

Mother moon, liquid Nahuatl, salty skin … Among the steam your presence vanishes and clings to the roots. You embody the navel of the world, where life sprouts and ends …

In an environment of surreal nature, an archetypal figure is revealed as a lyrical, visual painting in motion.  Crafted by the superposition of opposites: water-land, dryness-blooming, grounded-volatile, IXCHEL invites the audience on a mysterious journey loaded with visual creativity and a sensual cinematic construction. IXCHEL being with Nature in kinship.

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