john cage orgel projekt

“[john cage oragel projekt’s] movements were often stopped, the dancers arrangements then overtook the character of sculptures. Exhilarating effect came from everyday things were changed like that and pulled clothes. Finally, the participants crossed the boundary line to the audience and mingled with the visitors. The overall concept of motion-time-space was liked and the audience gave plenty of cheering applause.”                        Tanja Löchel /

commissioned by the john cage foundation and tanz compagnie giessen; choreographer: ana baer; dancers: tanz compagnie giessen; music: ASLSP john cage;  directed, filmed and edited by ana baer; produced by tanz compagnie giessen; filmed in giessen, germany, may 2009.

footage taken during dress rehearsal (excerpts).

premiered may 2009, town hall, giessen, germany

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media: giessen server

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