mujeres de juarez

“[mujeres de juarez] is social change at its best– not didactic, just raw relatable, kinetic emotion.” Pat Stone/ Choreographer

choreography ana baer; dancers michelle nance, danika robinson, amy martins; original music randy gibson; directed by ana baer; filmed and edited by ana baer; produced by avant media and ana baer; filmed in juarez, mexico, 2003

premiered as a multimedia piece in 2004 at the dairy center for the arts, boulder, co

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“[mujeres de juarez] was such a brave illumination of ghastly incidents. Thank you for letting us know. It was an honor.” Lynn Hanson/ Artist

additionally presented:

09/26-27/2013 evans auditorium, texas state university; 02/4-5/2011 NeXuS, irey theatre, boulder, co; 01/21-22/2011 trinity university, san antonio, tx; 03/26-27/2010 highways performance space, santa monica, ca; 02/25/2010 evans auditorium, texas state university; 01/19-20/09 Jowers 178, texas state university; 05/2007 light-play dances, part of tanzart ostwest 07, giessen, germany; 10/2006 universidad michoacana, morelia, mexico; 05/13-14/2006 MA dance ground keriak, san francisco, ca; summer 2004 CNA, mexico city; university of guadalajara, mexico; 05/09/2004 screened during ten reasons performance arts should be banned BMoCA, boulder, co; 06/07-07/2014 the dick smith theater, and body arts, guatemala city, guatemala

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