In 2014 WECreate Production embarked on a multi-sensorial journey across Iceland.
WECreateICE creates captivating kinesthetic poetry, metaphors of lived experiences, captured during an excursion through Iceland, one of the last untouched nature environments of Europe. Guided by Salzer’s themes of Romanticism and Wanderlust and Baer’s notion of liminal spaces, the work offers embodied accounts of this Nordic environment.”
“You have created a masterwork. loved the stillness, and the film and the mixing of the three panels, so exquisitely put together…and the landscape. For me a fertile environmental project. And the music. I love when the fertile and the beautiful brings me to tears”                                                                                      Len Barron/ Artist USA

performed by heike salzer, choreographed and directed by ana baer and heike salzer; video filmed, edited and directed  by ana baer and heike salzer; location and logistics by ingi jensson; production by WeCreateProductions; light design by scott vandenberg (at the harrison theatre), and gary mc crumb (at ATLAS).

WECreate ICE (excerpt)

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 1.18.39 PM


Premiering 09/10/16 as en excerpt as part of the Philosophy Symposium, TXST

09/16 – 09/17/16 at ATLAS Institute, Boulder CO

06/29/17at the Symposium “Between Spaces”, University of Chichester, UK

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