disappear here

“bold, daring, and the best kind of dangerous” Michael Theodore                          ATLAS Institute, Arts Media and Performance Director                                          

a multidisciplinary performance with 5 video screening on a round
choreographed, directed and produced by nathan montgomery and kim olson; dancers: syzygy butoh and sweet edge; video directed and produced by ana baer; filmed and edited by caren mccaleb and ana baer in mesa colorado, summer 2010

awarded ATLAS Innovator 2010

“Stirred my insides, left me post verbal, and took me somewhere other.”               Michelle Ellsworth / Choreographer


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premiered sept 2010 at the ATLAS institute, boulder, co.

additionally screened  02/19/2013 as a video dance version at the avant music festival during: john cage’s apartment House 1776, wild project, NYC

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