Being Together

Choreographer: Susie Angel and the Body Shift Collective; Original Music Composer: Richard D. Hall; Dancers/Body Shift Collective: Susie Angel, Dany Casey, Errin Delperdang, Veronica DeWitt, Kelly Hasandras, Juan Munoz, Olivia O’Hare, Joey Smallets, Pat Stone, Tanya Winters + Merge Dance Company: Sara Denman, Erin Ellis, Mark Gonzalez, Charles Dawson Graham, Mackenzie Grumbles, Tayler Jenkins, Nakenya Minnieweather, Kali Reyna, Michela Short; Costume Designer: Body Shift Collective; Director: Ana Baer + Olivia O’Hare; Producer: Baer Productions; Funded in part by The University Lecturer Series, TXST; Filmed on location at Austin Central Library

Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 7.06.38 PM

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