In 2014 WECreate Productions embarked on a multi-sensorial journey across Iceland, one of the last untouched nature environments in Europe. The footage capture during this excursion has been integrated into a life performance called WECreate ICE (2016), and crafted for a multi-channel video installation by the same name under the exhibit called Latent Spaces (2018).

Guided by Salzer’s themes of Romanticism and Wanderlust and Baer’s notion of liminal spaces, THULE is the screendance version of the same project. The work offers embodied accounts of this Nordic environment in the form of kinesthetic poetry and visual/aural metaphors of lived experiences.

dancer/choreographer: heike salzer; cinematography + editing + direction: ana baer and heike salzer; original music: richard d. hall, luke bramford, james ryan, brendan pillay; location and logistics: ingi jensson; production WECreate Productions.

05/06/2019 premiered at Screen.Dance Scotland’s Festival as part of the artist presentation series at  Perth’s Threshold Artspace, Perth, Scotland.

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