“She has the uncanny ability to blend and layer complex and beautiful imagery with poignant and visually stunning effect…


“Ana is able to create hybrid art that is exact, original and provocative… MICHELLE ELLSWORTH, ARTIST

Her art expresses the inner condition of underrepresented communities.


Festival Internacional Lila Lopez, SLP, MX.

La Sabina and its sequel (work in progress) as well as the serial work WECreateSpaces will be presented during the XXIV edition of the longest running Contemporary Dance Festival in Latin America “Festival Internacional Lila López, San Luis Potosi, MX.” July 27-31, 2021.

International Screenings

04/22-25/2021 Olhar Migrante and WECreate Spaces: Limerick screening during the Urban Visions_Beyond the Ideal City Festival, Bologna, Italy. Both films were shortlisted for the Film Festival Urban Visions. Beyond the Ideal City. The festival shortlisted 41 films more than 900 submissions . 

Bloomsbury Publication

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Dance and Philosophy featuring my contributing article “Considerations on Site-Specific Screendance Production” was published February of 2021.

International Publication

Co-authored the Article: Framing and reframing screendance: A site-specific practice with Heike Salzer under WECrete Productions. Published as part of the book VideoDance Studies: ANALYSIS AND EVOLUTION OF VIDEODANCE, edited by Blas PAYRI Editorial Universitat Politècnica de València. full article


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“[Ana’s] many years of focus on movement as a dancer translate as an elegant visual choreography in her video art.” – Brandi Mathis

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main photo by Jess Beer from Wild-er-ness, dancers Heike Salzer and Michelle Nance