silent salvoes

Silent Salvoes is a silent cry, a rare film experience: sound, image and subject matter achieve a harmony that makes spectators uncomfortable instead of seducing them. The house as a metaphor for the world that is torn apart and removed behind barbed wire, the female body that barely allows a glimpse of protest behind subtle movements, all these create a moving dramatic background seen through a woman’s eyes, and along with an extraordinary image processing make for an extraordinary film.

“Some videos are like unique haiku poems, carving their mark on the few minutes they last. Memory is poetry, as Chris Marker once said, and that is what I find moving about Rachel Davies’ “We got Old”, or Ana Baer’s “Silent Salvoes.” Christiana Galanopoulou / Artistic Director of Thessaloniki’s Video Dance Festival, Greece

choreographer: ana baer;  dancer: yuki ojika; cinematographers: victor jendras and ana baer; editors: victor jendras and ana baer; original music: victor jendras; directed and produced by ana baer; filmed in boulder co.

opening film at the thessaloniki international film festival 2004

premiered august 2004, CNA, mexico city, mexico

additionally screened:

05/2007 light-play dances, heli kino, giessen, germany; 06/2005 dance screen brighton, uk; 09/2004 thessaloniki international film festival, athens and thessaloniki, greece

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