le sacre du printemps

“Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring with a difference: ballet director Tarek Assam and the Mexican video artist Ana Baer have created for the work a video installation: A barren nature landscape with bare trees and dark crows, river water, eerily beautiful music. Middle of a girl. She looks helpless. Looking for something, as if reflecting the jagged movements of their arms against their inner state. (…) Seven film stories are superimposed here, a challenge for the makers of the installation.” Charlotte Annika Wagner / Giessen Allgemeine Zeitun

commissioned by the stadttheater giessen and tanz compagnie giessen; directed by tarek assam and ana baer; choreography: tarek assam and david williams;  dancers: tanz compagnie giessen;  camera and editing: ana baer;   produced by ana baer and tanz compagnie giessen;  filmed in giessen, germany, january 2012.

crumb is the stand alone video dance version with original music from richard hall.

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premiered march 2012 at the stadttheater giessen, germany accompanying the giessen’s philharmonic playing stravinsky’s le sacre du printemps. (the original version is 35 minutes long).

additionally screened:

  • 03/07/2013 with live music by mysterium improvisation group, evans auditorium, texas state university, san marcos, tx.
  • 07/22/2013 festival internacional de danza contemporanea, centro clavijero, morelia, michoacan, mexico
  • 09/27-28/2012 opening door, evans auditorium, texas state university san marcos, tx.


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