Residency at TXST Galleries

Most of my work has been created with the proscenium stage or a single screen in mind. The opportunity to show my work in a different context changed some of the fundamental modes of production. I am re-thinking, re-creating and re-editing my work, as well as creating new pieces inspired by the possibilities that a new venue offers. My network of collaborators has widened since the work demands new ways to relate to space, to each other and to the audience. This opportunity expands my reach, brining me closer to the non-dance audience, and propelling my artistic career.

From May 28-June 05, 2018 we had the opportunity to explore the gallery space finding  new ways to present the work.

The team: Light/scenic/projection designer: Cheri Prough De-Vol; Sound and music designer: Richard Hall; Logistics: new media student Oscar Acuna; Curator: Margo Handwerker; Director/projection designer: Ana Baer

With Margo’s assistance, we decided on the following work:

Gallery 1. Wild-er-ness, WECreateIce, Parakata

Gallery 2. homemaker, shift

The exhibit Espacios Latentes/Latent Spaces will take place October 24-November 16 at TXST Galleries.

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