Olhar Migrante

Screening at Sphere Digital World Cinema Carnival from Bengali, India from 11/19-28/2021 + Screening during Kino Tanca 2021 at the Mazowiecki Instytut Kultury, Warsaw, Poland from 12/2-5/2021

La Sabina

Screening at: Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival, Oaxaca, Mexico from 11/04-14/2021; Sphere Digital World Cinema Carnival from Bengali, India from 11/19-28/2021; The Online Thrilling Impressions Selection from the International Portrait Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria from 11/21-27/2021; InShadow Lisbon Screendance Festival from 11/24-12/18/2021

International Presentation

06/03-06/21 Screening at The WAIROA MĀORI FILM FESTIVAL, a celebration of Māori and indigenous film held at Kahungunu Marae, Nuhaka, New Zealand, each year. 05/13-14/2021 Selected by Cineminutos in Córdoba, Argentina. 03/11/2021 Invited to present “Encuentros y Duplicidades Trans-generacionales en la obra La Sabina” at the Primer Coloquio Iberoamericano “Transdisciplina, Creatividad y Neuro-artes Escenicas” presentedContinue reading “International Presentation”

Being Together

08/25/2021 screening at Brazil’s International Disability Film Festival Assim Vivemos, Rio De Janeiro 04/13-18/2021 screening at An Ordinary Film Festival, Stockholm, Sweden. 03/29/21-04/01/21 screening at the Petit Plan Festival at an online geoblocked screening in Greece. 03/26-28/2021 screened online and awarded Best Group film by Ziel Dance Film Festival from Brooklyn, NYC