Being Together

“In mixed-abilities dance we can create, for at least a few hours, days, weeks, a new culture in microcosm where we remove the common barriers and perspectives that limit our potential and segregare us from one another.” Alito Alessi, founder of the Dance Ability method.

choreography: Susie Angel and the Body Shift Collective; music: Richard D. Hall; dancers: Body Shift Collective: Susie Angel, Dany Casey, Errin Delperdang, Veronica DeWitt, Kelly Hasandras, Juan Munoz, Olivia O’Hare, Joey Smallets, Pat Stone, Tanya Winters + Merge Dance Company: Sara Denman, Erin Ellis, Mark Gonzalez, Charles Dawson Graham, Mackenzie Grumbles, Tayler Jenkins, Nakenya Minnieweather, Kali Reyna, Michela Short; Costume Designer: Body Shift Collective; direction: Ana Baer and Olivia O’Hare;  production: BaerProductions; funded in part by: The University Lecturer Series, TXST

Premiered Feb 21, Recital Hall, TXST

Additional screenings: Feb 27-29, Harrison Theatre, SMTX

March 3-5, Austin Community College, Austin, TX

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