“One of the most innovative multimedia choreographers living in Boulder. She [Ana Baer] extracts tragic metaphors from contemporary Latin America history to fit our fragile world.” Ninotchka Bennhaum / Dance Magazine

“Her many years of focus on movement as a dancer translate as an elegant visual choreography in her video art.” Brandi Mathis / Associate Curator, Performance and Visual Art Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

“[disappear here]bold, daring, and the best kind of dangerous.”                                      Michael Theodore / Director of ATLAS Institute

“She has the uncanny ability to blend and layer complex and beautiful imagery with poignant and visually stunning effect. She posses a rare eye for movement and space, and is most unique and intriguing in her creative voice.”                                                                    Kim Olson / Artistic Director of Kim Olson/Sweet Edge

“Ana is gleefully fluent in dance, dance for the camera and video production. With such a large toolbox, she is able to create hybrid art that is exact, original and provocative. Her work is visually sophisticated and dense. I am amazed at the integrity and autonomy of each individual piece of video. I am even more amazed at how the independent elements combine to achieve something quite magical.” Michelle Ellsworth / Choreographer

“Some videos are like unique haiku poems, carving their mark on the few minutes they last. Memory is poetry, as Chris Marker once said, and that is what I find moving about Rachel Davies’ “We got Old”, or Ana Baer’s “Silent Salvoes.”                                          Christiana Galanopoulou / Artistic Director of Thessaloniki’s Video Dance Festival, Greece

“She has an energetic aesthetic that suggests movement in space as well as on screen.” J.Gluckstern / Daily Camera, Boulder, CO

“[mujeres de juarez] is social change at its best– not didactic, just raw relatable, kinetic emotion.” Pat Stone/ Choreographer

“[disappear here] Stirred my insides, left me post verbal, and took me somewhere other.”Michelle Ellsworth / Choreographer

“I consider her to be an artist of great depth, consciousness, skill and vision.She possesses a brilliant “choreographer’s eye” for the camera. Her cutting edge, highly innovative work places her as an emerging pioneer in the field of video.”                                                        Nancy Spanier / Artistic Director of Performance Inventions

“She is able to create very powerful, beautiful, provocative strange and unique images that support and enhance the choreography.” Nada Diachenko / Choreographer

“[john cage oragel projekt’s movements were often stopped, the dancers arrangements then overtook the character of sculptures. Exhilarating effect came from everyday things were changed like that and pulled clothes. Finally, the participants crossed the boundary line to the audience and mingled with the visitors. The overall concept of motion-time-space was liked and the audience gave plenty of cheering applause.”                                  Tanja Löchel /

“Igor Stravinsky’s” Rite of Spring “with a difference: ballet director Tarek Assam and the Mexican video artist Ana Baer have created for the work a video installation: A barren nature landscape with bare trees and dark crows, river water, eerily beautiful music. Middle of a girl. She looks helpless. Looking for something, as if reflecting the jagged movements of their arms against their inner state. (…) Seven film stories are superimposed here, a challenge for the makers of the installation.”                               Charlotte Annika Wagner / Giessen Allgemeine Zeitun

“[silent salvoe’simages have doubled in some places, at some points but came apart film and on stage, yet a perfect, self-contained work was the result.”
Frank Sygusch /

“[mujeres de juarez] was such a brave illumination of ghastly incidents. Thank you for letting us know. It was an honor.” Lynn Hanson / Artist

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